Colleen Alber

Community is all of us becoming better, together.

In my class you'll feel: Energized. Inspired. Strong.

I took my first yoga class in late 2007, shortly after becoming a mom for the first time. For me and yoga, it was love at first sight. Immediately, I began to notice a physical and mental change. I was happier, calmer, kinder. I felt better and was a better mom, too! I began to shift my focus to what was important. Forever a student, I completed my 200-hour in Vinyasa Yoga (in 2014) and Level 1 in Yoga Tune Up® (in 2015). Almost ten years later, I can't imagine a day without a downdog and have complete appreciation for the impact yoga has had on my life.

My approach: Each and every day I strive to live a #yogalife—on and off the mat—and aim to motivate my students to do the same. I believe that yoga is for everyone and that regardless of your current abilities, yoga will change your life.

I can't live without: My people, peanut butter and a good book.

My happy place is: At home. On the mat. Road tripping.


Allie teacher feature.jpg

Colleen Kane

Community is Unwavering support and unconditional love:  the feeling that someone has your back even in times when we don't necessarily agree.

In my class I hope you will feel cleansed and rejuvenated with a sense of inner-peace

In my journey I've been  a life-long spiritual seeker, I  found yoga to be an instant “homecoming”. So grateful for this practice, I received my 200-hr with Marni Task in 2012 and have been sharing my love of yoga with students ever since. The beauty and magic of this practice occurs when we take it “off the mat” and into our lives. I encourages my students to find the “teacher” in every moment.

When I'm not teaching,   I am a vocalist, HR manager, wine-lover and enjoys spending time with my husband and three beautiful daughters.

I can't live without singing

My happy place has great food, even greater wine, and I'm surrounded by loved ones



Hayley Ziegler 

 Community is friendship, encouragement, support, fun,  and saf.

In my class you'll feel lighter, supported, empowered and free to be who you are.

My yoga started as another form of exercise and evolved into self-discovery. My practice helps me accept myself, push myself, and definitely makes me a better person.

I can't live without my husband and son, my hilarious and loyal girlfriends, yoga, sunshine.

My happy place s under a cozy blanket, eating a great meal with my love, doing anything with Theo (my son), chatting/laughing with friends, a HOT yoga class, my porch when it’s warm with coffee or wine (depending on the time of day). 

Beth Henry

Community is coming together as a group with similar interests and beliefs, all working toward a common goal and supporting each other along the way.

I found fitness growing up in an active family. I've always been passionate about  fitness and knew it was something I needed to share with people which is why I finally made it my career. I'm so lucky I can say "I love my job".

I can't live without coffee and being around people.

My happy place is being with my family.

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Allie Carney

Community is a supportive system that encourages one's own path.

In class I hope you feel Ease, Positive & Smiley

My yoga journey started After seeing my father practice yoga my entire life, I wanted to be able to stand on my head too! My dad was my first teacher who taught me how to build strength through my breath. Yoga teaches me the art of life and I am beyond grateful for it.

I can't live without My nephews! And Porch coffee!

My happy place is After a long run:)!

Courtney Plagens

Community is

I hope you'll feel connected, seen, and a little lighter.

I can't live without yoga, sunshine, my sisters, and a good book.

My happy place is Lake Erie

Halle Plagens

Community is a place to feel connected, at home, and a place you can be yourself. all of it.

In class I hope you'll feel ready to take on the world, soft, and curious.

My yoga practice has changed throughout the years. The initial draw of a physical practice transformed into a self-investigation. Through yoga and life,I am on a journey to discover authentic purpose and the evolution of self. I have an optimistic lens and a deep drive to make the world a better place for others. 

I can't live withoutgo figure, my sisters.

My happy place is stuck in good laughter. 


Deirdre Wenzel

Community is a sense of belonging

In my class you'll feel  welcome, confident, informed

My yoga journey began over 30 years ago so you'd think by now it would be a steady ride, but it just keeps building momentum.  And not always in the most obvious ways.  While it is still fun to do a  tricky pose or try to master one that has been on my radar for years or sweat it out in a power class, the urgency for me now is to open my eyes wider.  As I approach the completion of my 300 teacher training program, I am continually reminded that the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.  

I can't live without ginger!

 My happy place is anywhere with my family

Debi Darnell

Community is bringing people together. While we are all completely unique individuals, it feels good to be surrounded by like-minded people. There's something to be said about finding something you love and then meeting someone who loves it as much as you do and having that "You too? I thought I was the only one!" moment. 

In my class you will feel Balanced, curious, and empowered.

I began yoga to stretch. I was a very tight personal trainer and someone said yoga would help me touch my toes (It worked!). I quickly fell in love with the practice after a few very sweaty and hot classes. Yoga was stretching my muscles but it also started to stretch my perceptions. It is in my nature to share things that I love so it didn't take long for me to want to become a yoga teacher. My 200 hour training changed the direction of my life and career forever and I became a full time yogi. I cannot be more grateful to do what I love while helping others feel good in their bodies and minds. 

I can't live without Music and coffee.

My happy place is not so much a place, it is my state of mind in all places. I can choose to be happy or miserable and honestly I've chosen both many times. Obviously, choosing to look at the bright side is always a better choice. So I can be content alone in a coffee shop with a book, at a rock concert, or standing in line at the grocery store (food yay!).

Carrie Treister


Community is something that we create, that we become a part of that includes like minded people. People with similar intentions, interests and goals are welcome. A safe place for them to explore whatever it is they are interested in and a place where creativity shines.

In class I hope you feel Strong, present and accepted.

My  yoga journey began In high school when I had surgery to correct my scoliosis. The surgery left me with two titanium rods supporting my spine, a bunch of other hardware, 13 spinal fusions and reconstructed shoulders and hips. I was an active kid, so this was a huge shift for me. Over several months I got moving again and my surgeon told me that I had to keep my core strong to avoid long-term back pain. I started off doing yoga and pilates at home, and then eventually, I went to my first yoga basics class at Cleveland Yoga. What a game changer it was. I didn't think I'd be able to do anything. Initially, the heat played a huge role in my connection to the practice. With the heat, I discovered I hadn't lost all my flexibility and surprisingly could actually do the majority of movements. Now, my whole mind and thoughts about my body we changing, my whole train of thought shifted and I was hooked. I was beginning to become more patient and more accepting of myself.  A few years later, while I was in college I signed up for Cleveland Yoga's first ever teacher training. I was the youngest in the group and so excited to take it. After we finished training I began teaching right away, and have ended up making this my career. I worked for Life Time Fitness for 6 years, with the yoga program under the national direction of Jonny Kest, got two take an additional 2 teacher trainings with him, then began leading his teacher training and leading regional trainings around Ohio. My love affair with yoga continues to grow, every time I learn something new, and as I now grow my own teacher training program, Omnipresent Yoga, since joining 3 Sisters. The yoga community we have at 3 Sisters is nothing like I have experienced. It's wonderful, everyone is kind, caring, accepting on the management end and student end.  I couldn't ask for anything better, with an open road for my journey to continue.

I can't live without: Elmer!

My happy place is: On the beach with my loved ones!


Lauren Plagens Young

Community is:  somewhere that you feel like you belong.  UNITY is the second half of the word commUNITY so it's somewhere you feel a oneness with self and others.

In my class I hope you feel:  relaxed, balanced, present.

I found yoga during a time in my life that I was working a commission job and feeling stressed.  It was my escape and I eventually wanted it to be my full time gig rather than part time escape.  The dream kept itching at me.  The itch continues as we seek to continue to grow this place we call 3 SISTERS with heart & soul.  Lucky me.

My happy place is a hot bath with a bath bomb followed by an early bedtime, a beach, a rainstorm, a delicious dinner, a warm cup of coffee, oh so many experiences in life to cultivate happy!

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Lisa Gianvito

Community is connection, support, love, laughter and great conversation

After my class I hope you feel alive, empowered, inspired and heart wide-open

I can't live without Yoga, golf, avocados, books and the love and support of my family and friends

I began yoga reluctantly.  I was dealing with severe anxiety and panic attacks and it was suggested by my therapist that I try yoga and meditation. I have never look back! Yoga and meditation saved my life!!

My happy place is on a golf course with my husband


John Plagens

John attended his first yoga class in his mid fifties at the encouragement of his daughters. He fell in love with the physical workout that he got in hot powerful flow classes. It  wasn't long though before he realized  the mental benefits of a consistent practice and he enrolled in yoga teacher training. John graduated from Marni Task's Jivasara Teacher Training in 2014.

I hope people feel: happy, light, easy and peaceful.