Beyond our regular class schedule, 3 S I S T E R S offers several workshops and events! From more sleep to less stress, you can focus on ways to improve your everydays. Join us in feeling better and living better. See you soon. 

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Solstice Sekoia

Give yourself the gift of SEKOIA®
Come to silence. Come to stillness. Come to peaceful expression.
--A heartfelt practice which embraces the senses --Essential oils & a decorated space
--Breath Practice
--Expressive Asana Practice
--Extended Savasana & Reiki
--Leave with a small token gift/remembrance

Early bird pricing $20 ends 11/30, $25 after 11/30!

mind body spirit detox 

The special new year detox includes pranayama, ( deep breathing exercises) to reduce toxins and aid in developing  focus and awareness. Following breath work, a heated vinyasa class and focus on deep twists, hip openers, and forward folds to massage, cleanse, and purify digestive organs. Find deep relaxation through a series of restorative Yin poses that replenish the body, mind and spirit. The practice closes with a Vipasana meditation, a self observation meditation.  A journey resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.


This 6 week series will explore the many benefits of meditation. The benefits are endless + include: 

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, fear and depression
  • Improved sleep and decreased insomnia
  •  An ability to better manage chronic and acute pain. 
  • Healthier interpersonal relations
  •  Heightened energy levels
  •  Improved sense of control
  •  More confidence and joy in their lives
  •  A greater sense of peace and well-being*

$30 *offered at a “PILOT” Program Rate of $30.00 (for all 6 classes)
Colleen will be seeking your (confidential) feedback and comments as part of this 6-week course.
It is our hope to foster interest in an ongoing program at 3Sisters.

Also coming soon! Mark your calendars for more events & click on image to sign up!