Beyond our regular class schedule, 3 S I S T E R S offers several workshops and events! From more sleep to less stress, you can focus on ways to improve your everydays. Join us in feeling better and living better. See you soon. 

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self love workshop

Turn in and explore ways to cultivate more love for yourself. This workshop includes group discussion on self-love, education on how to stop negative inner dialogue, and an hour flow focused on loving yourself just as you are. 


Look forward to leaving this workshop feeling more love than when you came in. 



Total Body Tune Up® will guide you through playful and mobilizing techniques that will create spaciousness in the joints, increase your range of movement and show you how to align yourself with consistent precision in multiple yoga postures. This workshop includes myofascial release using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to explore all the micro-regions of your body and excavate tension from your joints and tissues. This is your opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your practice, learn the body mechanics behind classic postures and practice mobility sequences to give you more access to the key joints.

Yogis and athletes alike will leave with not only a better understanding of where their issues lie but also with a bag of tricks to unwind the tension in their tissues. * yoga balls included!

mind + body + spirit detox 

Experience yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and engaging conversation about everything healthy. And meet new friends!

Commit to change through practice, diet, self-care, meditation, and group processing. Lisa guides this detox; choose YOU in this self-care, diet/nutritional change, regular practice, and weekly check-ins! Unlimited access to support, too! 

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