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Beyond our regular class schedule, 3 S I S T E R S offers several workshops and events! From more sleep to less stress, you can focus on ways to improve your everydays. Join us in feeling better and living better. See you soon. 


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SEKOIA® is a multi-sensory practice that includes: 

  • Essential oil & decorated room
  • Vinyasa Flow with music (suitable for all levels)
  • Pranayama (Breath practice)
  • Meditation
  • Restorative Poses
  • Reiki & Extended Savasana
  • Leave with a small gift/remembrance

9/22/2018 2-330 pm 

beginners' series 

If you can breathe you can do yoga, all body shapes and levels of fitness are welcome to come play, explore, and learn about yoga.  

Come experience the benefits that yoga delivers including stretching and strength, challenge and relaxation.

Leave with an understanding of  foundational yoga poses such as child’s pose, downward facing dog, cobra, warrior 1 & 2, mountain, tree, & triangle

Coregeous ball ®

Massage and activate your core! The Coregeous® Ball is an air-filled sponge ball with unique soft-stretchy skin that helps access deep abdominal layers, assisting to stimulate digestion, relax muscles and open up key respiratory function.

You will... 

  • be  introduced to several core-related breath techniques to directly experience your diaphragm.
  •  experience daily self-massage with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, including deep abdominal/diaphragm massage using the inflatable Coregeous® therapy ball
  • Learn unique empowerment exercises that address emotional blocks
  •  Learn how to apply this innovative core work to your daily movement practice.

Includes a YTU Coregeous® Ball (a $15.00 Value) for you to take home! No yoga experience necessary!

10/6/2018 1-230 pm

therapeutic yoga for  managing low back pain 

The workshop will take you through

  • Simple yoga sequences & poses that can help relieve and prevent low back pain 
  • Modifications to consider for your asana practice

Handouts to take home

All levels welcome!

10/27/2018 1-330pm 

Coming soon!