In this small group setting, you can focus on improving your fitness and seeing quick results!  Class includes high intensity cardio, pump up music and calorie blasting!  Bring your sneakers and let's get physical!

Level: Beginners to advanced

Warm Yoga Flow

In this class, the room is heated to 80-85 degrees to encourage a light sweat.  The class includes yoga poses and you flow from pose to pose with your breath.  The perfect balance of effort and relaxation!

Level: Beginners to advanced

Hot Powerful Flow

In this class, the room is heated to 90+ degrees to allow for detoxification of the body. If you like to sweat, this class if for you! Class includes energizing yoga postures linked with breath. We recommend having attended a few yoga classes prior to jumping into this class unless you're up for challenge! Class can move fast at times but we do encourage you to try it!

Level: Intermediate

Yoga Flow

This class is appropriate for any level yogi including beginners.  Postures can be modified for any fitness level.  Class includes yoga postures and breath.  Class takes place at room temp (70-75 degrees).

Level: Beginners to advanced

Yin Flow

Yin Flow is a grounding practice. Move through a few rounds of Sun Salutations and get connected with your breath. Then release tension through poses that are low to the ground, simple and sweet. Yin poses dive past the muscular tissue and concentrate on opening up the connective tissues. This makes Yin Flow a perfect compliment to your regular Vinyasa flow class and to your active pursuits.

Level: Beginners to advanced

Warm Slow Flow


Class is taught in a flow style, the room heated to approximately 80 degrees.  Moves at a slower pace and is typically more relaxation than strength based.  

Level: Beginners to advanced

iRest®/Yoga Nidra

15 minutes of centering and may include gentle asana, pranayama or chanting/sound work.  Next, class moves into a guided meditation done lying down.  No meditation experience necessary!

This class explores the benefits of meditation through the practice of iRest/Yoga Nidra (restorative practice).

Level:Beginners to advanced

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a cardio workout that gets the heart rate up quickly. HIIT can also burn calories and fat for 24-48 hours afterwards. In this class we will build strength, get centered and work on mind, body, and spirit through vinyasa sequences and kick it up a notch with added bursts of cardio. We will burn calories through HIIT but still have the mindfulness of yoga.

Level: Intermediate