One Man's Journey to the Mat!

One man’s journey


I came to a point in my life where I was physically broken, mentally tired and spiritually lost.  Driven to be the best father and provider I could be, I marched through life ignoring myself, relationships and surroundings.  Then, 20 months ago, my best friend and my father passed.  18 months before that, my grandmother, mother, sister and wife had breast cancer.  Shaken and shocked, life started to spin.  To therapy I went.  I trusted as they suggested that I needed a pill.   First it was one and then became 6 pills per day.  


You should be depressed when you lose something that you love.  Let is happen; it runs its course.  It’s up to you how long that course is.


I came to yoga because I couldn’t move and wanted a challenge.  Eyes closed, afraid of getting caught looking at classmates, I listened! (it’s ok to have a monkey brain! It is what you do with it that matters!)  I heard messages and other advice to use with yoga and life.  It all made me feel not alone, accepted and normal.  It was the respect I was looking for, I found it and wanted to give it back. 


I sat up front.  I closed my eyes and every time I had to look back, I was changing. Who you may be could be a product of your life.   Who you want to be could be who you are inside.  Every teacher was a large part of my change physically and mentally.  After meeting John, Courtney & Halle, I understood this is a gathering of great people.  I didn’t need pills, I needed to put my mat in place, breathe deep, and take advice from people I trusted.


A couple weeks back I was in yin class.  My father’s dog tags fell off my neck.  I held them as tight as I held his hand when he passed.  And it happened.  My mat was soaked, not from sweat this time.  It could have been an hour.  For the first time, I let myself miss my father.  It was the owners, teacher and the classmates, they let me feel comfortable and in touch with who I am.  


I have been inspired, motivated, challenged and changed.


Put me in chair pose, soak me in sweat, rub my nose in the mat, I don’t care, just let me come to yoga.


Samuel R. Perrott Jr.