Yoga Retreats!

"We retreat in order to advance." - Steve Gold, musician

I.LOVE.RETREATS!  I've been on 10 yoga retreats in the past 10 years.  They have had different lengths, locations, price points, and schedules.  Overall, one thing has been the same.  I have never regretted going.  When I make time for myself to disconnect, whether it's in Ohio for a few hours or Asia for 3 weeks, I come back re-charged or re-filled in some way.  I am a better human for myself & others when I make that time.  

Why should you consider going on a retreat?  If you feel burned out, stressed, tired, over-scheduled, then it is the PERFECT time to sign up for a retreat!  If you feel unmotivated, like your creativity is blocked or are considering a job change, then it is the PERFECT time to sign up for a retreat!  If you feel isolated or lonely as a new mom or are newly retired, then it's the PERFECT time to sign up for a retreat!

If you are looking to RETREAT, here are a few to consider in no particular order that I recommend and all spots that I have been:

THAILAND:  Thailand knocked my socks off!  It was a beautiful country with amazing food, people, culture, & sights!  This one is being led by my cousin, Annie Fox Langdale and she is a VERY special yoga teacher, check it out!

OHIO:  My mom & I are hosting a one day retreat in Vermilion, Ohio in May!  If you want to dip your toe into the pool of retreats, this would be a great one to try! Take a day for yourself!  Sign up here:

KRIPALU: I went to Kripalu last December.   I tend to like a lot of alone time so becoming a mom has been a big adjustment for me!  My husband encouraged me to take some time alone, so I went to Kripalu for their R & R retreat.  The grounds are beautiful, the yoga is top notch & the food was great!  Check our their website here:  

ANAMAYA Resort: For my 30th birthday, I zip lined, yoga'd, napped, swam, and ate yummy vegetarian food at this awesome spot.  The teacher I went to was  a guest teacher but I imagine any week you picked would be great!

Next week, I am going on a trip with Melissa Major, I’ll be able to share more on that once I return but for now, I’m gearing up to disconnect! Side note, looks like she has an awesome trip to Belgium planned, get the info on that by signing up here:

What other retreats are going on that I should know about? Check my instagram @laurenyong next week for pictures of my trip to Cartegena, Columbia with Melissa and her group!

If you want more info on any of the places I mentioned above, message me on IG or FB!

Love, Lauren