I liked Banff + I love him

I am returning from a big trip that I had been planning for several months. My husband and I wed in January at a beach resort we fell in love with. Our delayed honeymoon, then, we decided, would be a trip that he has dreamed of taking for a long time; to see the Canadian Rockies and wildlife.

His passion for nature has always lured me. He knows the names of birds I’ve never noticed. He can spot a marking in the woods and tell of its reasoning. And in nature, everything has a reason, I’ve learned from him.

So off we went to a beautiful and breathtaking place in Canada. When I think of a Honeymoon things that come to mind include romantic dinners, hand holding and strolling streets, perhaps meeting another couple and getting along.

So when my husband jumped out of bed before the sun rose to spot wildlife at peak hours, well, I didn’t say a word ( although I still dressed to hike in my new gear for all of our possible photo ops)

We spent about a day and a half on the prowl for anything that moved. (although he may report differently). From beavers to caribou; elk + goats. This was not the honeymoon I had scripted.

I was exhausted. I was mad. Why didn’t he understand this was our honeymoon!?

And then, too, shame. Shouldn’t I just be enjoying it? Why can’t I get over this? Let him have his thing.

Eventually, I dug my heels in the actual dirt. “I want to take a hike. “ I said. “ I am exhausted from searching for animals and I really thought you’d want to spend time with me. My feelings are hurt,” I said.

He had no idea. How could he?

I found a yoga studio in Banff and took a class. I walked the street by myself for a few minutes both before and after class. And I gave myself a minute to check in with what I actually needed. I needed him to know that I wasn’t in this beautiful place to see beautiful things. I was there to be with him. I liked the Rockies; but I loved him.

He got it. He was minorily bummed at the initial strike of my words. The few hours apart gave us a chance to hear our own thoughts. And we reconnected.

I spent some time getting my needs met ( massage, early am jog, book reading) and he did too.

The outcome of this trip leaves me with a dozen or so (ok, more than a dozen) shots of my husband looking at the majestic views of nature. And another dozen from his perspective ; wildlife and mountain ranges.

As I look through the pictures, I’m reminded of how special it is to love something. Be it a person or a place + the aliveness that pulses through our fingertips in its presence.