4 years of celebrating community every day.

The studio celebrates four years of inspiration, perspiration, personal growth & community Saturday, August 25th! We asked owners to reflect independently what this anniversary means.  A common thread in each response is gratitude for the community.  We hope you all feel celebrated for the unique energy & friendship you contribute to the studio!

John: Grateful for everyone who has come through the door these past 4 years. We are so fortunate to have a space to share our love of yoga and fitness with you. Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you. 🙏

Halle: Reflecting on turning 4, I see our business so much like a child in its growth. We have learned tremendously in four years. From the beginning scramble of a new mom with no handbook for how to run a business (or raise a baby!) to now, our vision continues to refine on what 3 sisters life means and how it gives back to the world (like a parent whose goal for a child is to use gifts given) 

No doubt that 3 sisters birthday is a time to celebrate all of the wonderful people who have walked through this yoga home and given it its pulse and purpose. 

This birthday provides me a time to pause and thank each of you for your commitment and belief in what 3 sisters is and continues to grow into. Thank you. Deeply. 

Let's groove! 

Lauren: 4 years in, I continue to be grateful for the 3 SISTERS village, which includes each and every person who contributed to the studio in their own way from when the studio was just an idea to now.  The village includes anyone who has ever visited, sent us a good wish or thought, helped build it literally or figuratively and who influences our path.  Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.

Beth: So has it really been 4 years?! Time has really flown by. This is a perfect time to say a big thank you to everyone who has stepped thru our doors to try yoga or one of my fitness classes. We are so grateful to you for making the studio what it is today. A place where people gather to maybe socialize and feel a little better about themselves.

I can honestly say that I’ve loved every single fitness class that I’ve taught and have met some fun people who have come to class. The amazing part is that the fun people I mention have become friends that make my day when they show up for class.

A sincere and heart felt thanks to all for making our studio what it is today! Here’s to you!

Courtney: I am so grateful to the community that’s evolved at 3sisters.  I feel lucky to know many of you personally. The studio is a lesson & blessing beyond its walls. I feel very proud of the teaching staff, not only for the incredible experience which makes them great teachers, but also for the willingness to care deeply about students and share this practice in their own, unique way. There are so many people that give energy and time to the studio: assistants, desk staff, and owners. Over 4 years I’ve learned it takes individuals who are willing to show up, who become part of the village that makes magic happen. We get to see it often in the way people feel seen, heard, and accepted at 3sisters by all the wonderful people that make it a family.  Thanks for being a part of this big fam!