Our Fall Schedule ... explained!

Dear Yoga Community,


Each quarter, we evaluate our schedule.  We want to offer you enough variety of styles and times to practice.  We ask for feedback from you, teachers, and we look at the area to see what's offered elsewhere too.  This process takes a lot of time, thinking, researching, feelings, and discussion.  At the end, we hope we end up with a schedule that you are as excited about as we are!  


It's a process, not a perfect, we know that.  We hope you will give us the opportunity to continue to grow.  We need you to grow!  It's a community and you're part of it! 

Our WHY we opened is that we think yoga heals.  Within our ownership group, we are drawn to different styles and teachers.  We hope you LOVE what we offer, that we keep your favorites and that some of our offerings allow you to step outside your comfort zone and step into that sweet spot of transformation that yoga allows in a safe & warm room.


My intention in writing this is that I believe in being transparent and honest with our community.  I value open & honest relationships.  So here's some of the WHY behind our schedule changes:


We heard from many of you that you LOVE Hot Yoga and that you'd like to be able to come at some time other than 6 pm, so that is the reason for our change to Hot Yoga Flow Tuesday/Thursday 4:30 pm!


We heard from many of you that you LOVED having a third Saturday class option... so we are adding that back!  


We heard from many of you that iRest is helping you sleep better and feel less anxious so while it won't have a weekly spot we are committed to offering it every other week through the end of the year!  


We heard you LOVE Candlelit Yin, we are keeping that!


We heard from our social media platforms that Beginners want a class that's all theirs where they feel safe to be NEW, we are adding a Beginner's Series with Anita in September.


We also heard you are interested in a sculpt or fitness class, we will consider that for Winter.  We had a few requests for 6 am class.  We have offered a 6 am class twice in the past 2 years and both averaged about 3 students and while we love each and every student, 3 isn't enough for us to compensate the teacher fairly so we are going to pass on that idea for now.


So that about covers it, if you want to talk any and all things schedule related, I'm your girl.  Feel free to email my personal email address at lplagens3@gmail.com and let me know you love or don't love the changes or set up a time to talk to me via phone about anything studio related.   

Namaste, Lauren