Yoga. It's all about LOVE.

I have been thinking a lot this past week about why we opened a business.  If you asked me a week ago what I wanted to do with our business I would have said SELL IT!  I think most small business owners have days like that or moments like that where it all feels so overwhelming and like maybe it's not worth it.  At least I do.

Today I am feeling re-energized, re-inspired and in love with what it is that I have the opportunity to do each day.  

I started practicing yoga in 2007 or 2008 or somewhere around there because I wanted to get in shape.  I did in fact change my body-- but more importantly, I experienced these incredible shifts in my life that I know my commitment to yoga had something to do with... I had a close family member tell me that they thought I was "more loving" since taking yoga.  This comment stopped me in my tracks.  The love had been in there all along, I just needed to un-fog my lens and let my heart take more of a place in guiding my life.  

Prior to yoga, I led my life mostly from my head, from a logical place, from a series of decisions made by my brain about what made the most sense.  Looking back, I can divide my life now into two distinct time periods.  BY and AY (before yoga and after yoga).  After starting yoga, I started to let my heart lead more.  Of course ..I have minutes, days or even months where I get far away from my heart and lead from old patterns and habits.  In the past 24 hours I have been brought directly back to my heart.   I hope I stay here for awhile, in this place that feels aligned.

My heart loves yoga.  My heart loves people.  My heart loves when yoga brings people together.  I love how yoga can transform.  I love how it heals.  It has been a vehicle for me to personal transformation, to returning home... to my heart, to reminding me of what's important, and to feeling so incredibly alive.

It can do the same for you if you let it.  Here's to love and to yoga and to the love of yoga. May LOVE reign supreme in your life & mine.  This is my prayer.


LOVE, Lauren