The bridge.

    If I think back to what inspired my connection to the physical practice of yoga, it was this feeling of release, balance, and joy. Many of you know I was a dancer and a gymnast, so this practice had an aspect of coming back to familiar movement. After a difficult time, my body and mind felt connected in a hot room. I noticed it. Awareness, self-acceptance, and love appeared.  It led to years of healthy therapy and better boundaries.  It acted as both a trigger and a safety net. The problem was: I put yoga on a pedestal.  I remember one coworker saying, I think you’re addicted to yoga.  I laughed and said, at least it’s a healthy addiction. The fall from grace came shortly after.  Halle and I were asked to leave a yoga teacher training. In this moment, for better or worse, yoga changed for me.  I felt lost, seeking a new “yoga home” while we began creating the physical location of 3sisters. Inclusivity and community became guideposts at 3sisters.  We intended to build a place where teachers and students felt celebrated, included, and seen as individuals but also as part of a community. 

I am a student in multiple ways right now: a master’s program, a business program, and a new relationship.  Each of these is really wonderful and challenging. Today as I was thinking through “business” decisions, it became clear to me that my relationship with yoga has changed again. Release, balance, and joy have become disrupted, and I don’t know when this happened. I still practice awareness, acceptance, and love. My public health master’s program lights me up. I feel empowered with new information and excited to help people in new ways. The business program teaches us businesses are more alike than different, we accept we all have bottom lines, people we love that work with us, and clients we love to serve. Love, I get to be in love. The reliable kind that doesn’t leave when someone is annoying, and it is so, so sweet. I still feel committed to yoga. My intent in the master’s program is to weave this practice as a true healing modality: to put, what I believe, is the meaning of heal back into health (that’s the tagline, pretty excited about it). I believe it can help bridge mental and physical health. I experienced it and want to share it. I feel drawn to working with people that experienced addiction. It’s an unexpected passion for me that I thought was prompted by a book, but in this simple reflection, maybe it is because I see so much of myself in them.

            As a studio owner, there are lenses that can cloud judgment. This business class prompts discussion around competition, marketing, hashtags, a “target market.” It feels disconnected, at times, because I feel committed to yoga and believe so wholeheartedly in its healing. I want teachers to feel supported to try new things and be themselves. I want students to feel connected to themselves, to know how much their energy drives inspiration for teachers. I believe so much that students and teachers are peers, one doesn’t know more than the other. I suppose in sharing I am simply saying, I feel really human today. I feel like business and yoga are a head and a heart. Release, balance, and joy are somewhere in there, now where’s the bridge?