What makes 3 SISTERS different? A note from the Colleen Alber, the teacher who has been on our schedule the longest!

I agree that the 3Sisters community, teachers, students and the experience we provide are our biggest differentiators. Our people and our culture.

·         Lauren, Courtney, Halle, John & Beth – no better ownership in the business.

·         BEST (and variety of) teachers…Deirdre, ColleenK & Lisa all with 500 hour RYT – with several full-time yoga teachers, a teacher of yoga teachers and more.

·         Desk yogi staff can’t be beat… their smiles, love of yoga, all around patience, kindness and love of our students and community. The role play is so much more than just ‘checking people in’. Anita leading the charge!!!

·         We take time to learn the names of our students and something about them. (and we have AMAZING students!)

·         Teachers and students that CARE for and CHEER (I love this word) for each other with little to no competition where everyone feels comfortable. And we don’t just support for each other in yoga, we support each other in life.

·         We love smiling and and moving and music and laughter.

·         We are happy and kind and loving and supportive people…who are just working on being our best selves and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.