Life is so strong.  said the fighting 92 year old who had “ days to live.” years have gone by. hes still driving.

Life is so fragile. said the disappointment of my own when he still hasn’t found an outfit for our wedding.

Life is simple. said the cup of coffee and christmas lights that change my mood.

Life is so complex. said  the stories that surface after years of holding it all in.

Life is so hard. said the death of an 8 year old days before christmas. The family mourns.

Life is so easy. said the pina colada with its tiny umbrella perched on an angle.

Life is abundant. said the dozens of socks of which I choose to place on my feet to keep warm.

Life is meek. said the dent in the cars hood and the gas light.

Life is redundant. said the cycle of laundry upstairs.

Life is full of surprises. said the package on the stoop from a giving aunt.

Life is death. said my wedding ceremony writing acquaintance. Shifting my perspective of partnership.

Life is birth. said my facebook’s newsfeed.

I don’t have any answers. I have all the answers. I am at a loss and yet, I am almost certain. I can’t seem to find peace in it, and a deep breath or two settles it again.

I remain.

With all the love.