Beginner's Yoga: What is it like to be brand new?

Beginners & people who practice yoga regularly often say that our studio is the friendliest one in town. We are grateful that our staff & students help create an environment that allows you to feel as comfortable as possible being brand new!

Trying something new is often not easy. You get curious, you talk yourself into finally going, and then you feel a little anxious, that is all completely normal. Remember that every single person on our staff and who visits, at one time was a beginner. We all start somewhere!

So you decided you are going to attend, now what?! First off, we are SO EXCITED for you to begin!

Here are a few things to help you be best prepared!

  1. We have yoga mats available to loan at no extra cost

  2. Many people like to bring a water bottle with them to stay hydrated.

  3. Dress comfortably in clothes that you can move in, most women wear some type of yoga pant or athletic pant or short and a tank top or t shirt. Men usually wear shorts & a t shirt.

  4. Let the front desk know when you arrive so that they can check you in.

  5. Feel free to introduce yourself to the teacher, they love meeting students!

Lastly, relax & move! Enjoy being brand new! How often in life do we get to be complete beginners at something with no judgement? Notice how it feels to move your body in a new way. Notice your breath! Be present through out your experience.

Afterwards, please feel free to share with us anything that you experienced. We are here to support you on your journey to holistic living!

Namaste, 3 SISTERS

Student, Kelli, demonstrates Tree Pose