Difficult Roads often Lead to Beautiful Destinations.

I’m pretty nervous to share this in writing in a place where strangers can read it. I love that the studio has given us a platform to share experiences, parts or our lives, & on topics we find important. Thanks for reading.

I struggle with anxiety still. I had (past tense) postpartum anxiety & depression. These events are not my whole story, but they are a part of my story & helped shape me.

Here is a journal entry of mine from less than a year ago:

These feelings are heavy, dark, & persistent. They abuse me when I notice them. They strain me. They stop me in my tracks & make me wish I had no tracks. I feel ashamed & small to feel this way.

Things have shifted for me since last year & I am grateful. I have compassion for anyone who feels this way.

Here are some resources or tools that I have used during anxious times:

  1. Text 741741 and a Crisis Counselor will text you back! It’s free & helpful!

  2. The acronym RIDE that my sister, Halle told me about has been helping me with anxiety, here’s what it means:

R - is for re-name it! Recognize that’s anxiety & that’s not me!

I - I’m in charge! I’m in charge of my life not anxiety!

D- Do the opposite. So, for me, anxiety makes me overly active. Being still & doing nothing, although difficult to convince my ego to do, is the perfect antidote! If I can fall asleep, naps help a lot.

E- Ease, get back to that place of ease and notice when you’re there!

3. Ask someone in your life for support. I’m happy to be your person, text me 440.668.3185.

4. Go to Yoga

5. Write it out, all the feelings even the crazy ones.

6. Eat well.

7. Sleep!

8. Get out in Nature, take a deep breath, connect to Mother Earth.

The purpose of this blog is to share that if you are struggling, you are not alone. You matter. The world needs your magic.

“Today you are You, that is truer than True. There is no one alive who is Youer than You” -Dr Seuss

Blog by Lauren