Is anger yogic? Lauren wonders....

"Nothing can be changed until it's faced!" -anonymous

I wanted to share something about Anger & Yoga.  I realized not too long ago that I had Anger that I was not allowing myself to feel.  When I did some more internal digging, I realized that somewhere along the way, since I identify as a yogi, I thought I should be peaceful all the time.  "Should's" are often where the work lies, isn't it?  A belief had developed somewhere along the way that anger was not in alignment with my identity.  In the past two years, I have realized that belief no longer serves me so I am shifting it.  It is good to notice, for me, when I am in transition of my beliefs and still figuring out what the new belief is.. it feels a little uncertain, for example some of my thoughts have been, if anger is GOOD, is that true?  What does that mean?  How does that unfold in my life in a way that doesn't harm self or others?  I'm still figuring it out and would be curious to hear other people's experience with anger.  So far, here is where I am on the question that has arisen in my own body and my own life on anger.  After listening to Eckhart Tolle and doing some reading on anger, I have come to believe that feeling my anger is necessary & good.  Humans have anger.  When I feel anger arise, it’s physical for me, I feel hot inside and my stomach feels unsettled.   When I am angry, I feel mentally cloudy in my judgement.  I feel triggered.  Identifying when I feel angry is helpful.  I can now identify when anger is rising in me.  If I choose to stuff my anger rather than to feel it, this leads to deep resentment which can show up physically or mentally for me.  After I identify that I am angry, I can decide what to do with that anger.  So far for me, speaking while I am angry (which I have done MANY times!) does not allow me to be heard in the way that I wish to be heard.  So, rather than having a verbal outburst, I can sit with my anger.  I can observe it.  I can investigate it.  I can feel it.  Then, magically, it seems to move and I often wonder why I felt so HOT about it in the first place.   

I want to thank those people in my life who have witnessed me show up as angry in the past couple years and been my friend, my sisters, & my partner anyways.  That is the definition of unconditional love, being FULLY accepted in all our moments, in all our lessons, in the good times and the challenging times.  Thank you Kleyton, Courtney, Halle, Mom & Dad most especially <3

What is your experience with anger?  What do you do when you are angry?  What have you found that is a healthy way to express it?

I'd love to hear that I'm not the only one who struggles with anger!

Love, Lauren