Collaboration over Competition: A Love Note to other Yoga Studios

If anyone can show the world how to operate in a collaborative way versus a competitive way, it can & should be the yoga world right!?  With the ideology that we are all one, I was hopeful that we would find a lot of other like minded folks in the yoga business.  And we have, we have found yoga teachers and desk staff and other studio owners to be respectful, supportive and encouraging of our business.  

However, no one is perfect, including me, there are moments when doubt creeps in.  When I hear of a new studio opening or one of our teachers wanting to teach somewhere else, I sometimes have a (brief) moment of panic set in that maybe there isn't enough to allow us all to co-exist.  I have come to accept that fear is part of being human.  I am lucky that my own belief system or my co-owners or both, bring me back to love.  They remind me why we do what we do and that more yoga in the world is a beautiful thing.   Abundance is beautiful.  I believe that LOVE overcomes fear, each and every day, in so many ways and in so many places in the world.  I believe in trusting what is unfolding.  I believe in taking aligned action. I believe in possibility.  I believe that me supporting one of my staff to go their own way or do their own thing, while it might cause discomfort short term, in the long run, benefits us both; they chase their dreams and I support them to do so because after all, more people leading fulfilling, purposeful lives with kindness, love, and inspired action helps us all.  We are the rising tide.  We are in this together and for every problem, a solution of the highest good does exist, sometimes it just takes a little while to find it.

Special thanks to Unwind Yoga, Cleveland Yoga, Harness Cycle, Psycle, Krysia Energy Yoga,Soul Stretch, Core CLE, Blue Moon Yoga, Yoga Shala (California), Hope Yoga, Circle of Life, Bhumi's Yoga, Chagrin Yoga, Pink Lotus Yoga, and many more who have rooted us on publicly or quietly, we feel your good vibes and we cheer you on right back for doing this very important work alongside us <3 

Namaste, Lauren