A celebration of Independence

I re-claimed a little bit of myself this week.  In preparation for a pending life-shift, I find bits of myself slowing shifting, almost coming back around from a place they’ve been quieted.  These little nuggets range from small to large – speaking up, re-piercing my nose, investing in my house, connecting with inspirational friends.  It got me thinking about the luxuries – again big & small - we all experience, opportunity & choice.  I am afforded the right to buy a house for myself because women before me fought for that right.  I can go back to school at 33 because it’s been demonstrated for me that it’s always a good time – old or oldish – to learn more and re-direct.  I can hop on a plane to Costa Rica for research and fun, alone or not, because I am confident I’ll either figure it out, or my family will help (thanks Dad).

All of this wondrous activity got me thinking, appreciating truly, about all of those that have paved this path of opportunity.  The fighters and resistance, the traditionalists and stories that have been passed on, the brilliant minds; the curious and brave global citizens, Americans included, whose decisions wove together in such a way that we get to choose the life we want to live. 

The people I am most grateful for, in this regard, are my parents, John & Cam. 

Both of my parents live a life unapologetically their own, but at either end of the spectrum.  Dad is such a wonderful example of family, tradition, and a dose of unpredictability.  Dad’s run the Boston marathon, climbed the hardest path of Kilimanjaro, and pretty regularly entertains the idea of hopping on a plane to somewhere for an unprecedented amount of time.  He can tell you the name of nearly every person that walks through the 3sisters doors, and makes a point to know them.  Dad cares in a committed, obvious, and need-nothing-back way.  In this way, he is fearless.  Cam went back to school at 40, achieving both her Master’s and Doctorate.  Cam drops truth-bombs and can host spiritual and cerebral conversations while bouncing in and out of hilarious quips.  She does so without apology or explanation.  Mom walks a fine line of promoting consistent self-growth and supporting integration.  In these obvious and not-so-obvious ways, they have always encouraged my sisters and me – both verbally & by example – to make decisions for ourselves and live a life as unique as our thumbprints.

So on this holiday of Independence, I wanted to recognize those that fought for our Independence; the veterans and family members that support them. But I also want to celebrate the people that have embraced this fiery spirit of independence.   Because of my parents, I never think twice about getting on a plane alone, internationally or domestically.  I never hesitated to dream up what my unique life might look like, and actually pursue it, even if it didn’t look like everyone else’s. 

Mom & Dad, in the moments that you’ve partied until you fell asleep on a parking meter or allowed a man to live in the backyard, even in these ways you allowed my sisters and I to color outside the lines.  So thank you, for being you, for living a true-to-you-life by example.  I can’t think of a better way to honor the American Spirit than to embrace the opportunities won by those before us. Mom & Dad, you are a true example of fearless, dynamic humans.  Thank you for loving Laur, Hal, & I through our wacky decision making and supporting our American dream.  You’re in a league of your own.  lots of love - Court