I'm 35 and I'm aging.  I feel like that line could be uttered at an aging anonymous meeting.  Our society sends us messages all day long that looking older is not ok.  That gray hair, wrinkles and cellulite are not the preferred look of today.  Commercials tell us to stay young and look young.  All things considered, I guess I still am young, but I am starting to notice myself age.  If I am lucky, I'm probably just over 1/3 of the way through my life.  Suddenly though, 40 is closer than 30.  People all around me are having babies or their kids are growing older.  I notice people in my life are aging.  We are all aging, but for some reason I'm just beginning to really notice it.  Many people ...older and wiser than me told me "Life moves fast" and suddenly, I agree.  


Watching my son change by the day is precious and eye-opening.  Each week he gains a new skill or awareness.  I pray for good things for him.  I try to be patient when he whines & know this time is short.  Time zips by.


I was speaking recently to someone recently who survived a terrible illness.  They mentioned how lucky they felt that they get to age.  That it is a privilege.  I am working on adopting the same philosophy.  So when I look in the mirror and notice another foot on my crows feet  on the side of my eyes, I keep smiling.  When a stray gray hair catches my eye, I am working on thanking universe for the privilege of age.  When I see cellulite on my legs or my arms jiggle, thank you Lord for legs and arms that function.  When I notice my teeth aren't as white as they used to be, gratitude that they still chew and are part of my smile!  When my memory fails me, being happy I remember the good times in my life more readily than the bad.  When my wheel pose doesn't feel quite as easy as it used to, wow, how amazing my spine that still bends!  I appreciate this body in all it's forms, all it's days.


Thank you for the gift of being able to age.  Thank you for letting me experience another season of life in this body.  I hope I still have wrinkles to gain and blankets to knit in my future.  I hope I get to eat early "blue hair" dinners with my family and tell my grand-childen stories about how life used to be back then.  "Back then" is happening now.  Soak it up.  Ain't life grand?!