World Invocation Day - Light, Love, & Purpose.

They say 3am is a sacred hour, it’s also been called the witching hour.  Every time i wake up in the middle of the night it’s almost 3am on the nose.  [side note - this excludes wine dehydration nights].  When this wake-up call naturally happens, I try to be open to what’s on my mind or consider what else is happening at the time.  Last night I woke up, and the nearly full moon was high above my window; it peaks tonight (6/9/17).  So naturally, when I woke up again for class this morning, I was curious about this particular full moon. I learned that it falls in Gemini.  I also discovered the Gemini Full Moon is World Invocation Day.  Established in 1952 by Eleanor Roosevelt, the day invokes universal prayer and meditation through the “Great Invocation” prayer written by Alice A. Bailey & Djwahl Kuhl.  It is a day of light, love, and purpose, to be celebrated by all men and women of every spiritual path.  The intent is to bring about a world of justice, unity and peace.  And couldn’t the world use a little more of that right about now?

[source: lucistrust, see link below]

The fact that Eleanor Roosevelt established the observance is an extra perk.  I first became enamored with Eleanor Roosevelt while reading a book called “No Ordinary Time”, about the life of FDR.  The book describes how Eleanor would leave love notes in a basket next to FDR’s bed.  It also paints a picture of a strong partnership between the two, non-traditional and likely not the most romantic, but one of confidence in the other person and mutual respect.  It mentions that due to FDR’s medical state, Eleanor was appointed to be his eyes and ears around the country.  She traveled far and wide and reported back on happenings of all kind: social atmosphere, meager conditions; her adventures inspired policies and greater support for those in need.  I’m sure there are parts of this presidency and partnership leaving things to be desired.  But in this fearless, humble, and intentional way she chose to live her life, she’s always inspired me.  She wasn’t window dressing in the White House, she was purposeful, adventurous, brave, and she changed lives.

So i hope in sharing this invocation, your weekend is full of light and love and purpose.   Maybe it's getting outside in the forth-coming sunshine, or laughing with friends, spending time with loved ones.  Or maybe it is planning an adventure, looking for inspiration, and finding a way to contribute to a lovelier, kinder, world.

Great Invocation by Alice A. Bailey & Djwahl Kuhl


“From the centre which we call the human race

Let the plan of love and light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let light and love and power restore the plan on earth.” 


-Looking for my inner Eleanor today,  xo