Ever wonder what yoga teacher training might be like? Read here from recent grad, Nikki L.



I remember back to September 2016 when I first learned that 3 Sisters Yoga + Fitness was having a 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training starting in January 2017. I jumped at the opportunity. I was so excited to start. I didn't know at the time what a huge impact ytt would have on my life. 


For starters, I was finally able to do something for myself and have me time. I found a way to commit to practicing yoga for an hour a day. It has made me a calmer and happier wife and mom. It has helped me be more grateful, be kinder and have more compassion not only for others but for myself as well.


I never expected the friendships I have made with my fellow ytts. I have formed a bond with all of them. And have truly enjoyed meeting each and everyone of them. We still have been keeping in contact and I hope we all continue to do so. 


I am more mindful. I started yoga for the physical aspect and even going into training I was still more on the physical side of things. But I have a greater appreciation for the effects yoga has on the mind. I try to practice my daily intentions on and off the mat. I am still buying and reading books on yoga even after training has completed. 


My self esteem and confidence have grown.  I am not so quick to judge my flaws.


I have found a true love and passion for yoga. I have personally witnessed and have seen all the benefits from yoga and I want to help others get more connected to themselves, find pain relief, physical and mental benefits of yoga, and be a happier person.