Student Feature: Hope

When I think about what commitment looks like, Hope is a person that pops into my head. Intermittently, I go on the computer and check to see the frequency of people's visits for our #squad250 club {visit 3 sisters 250 times!} And, recently, I checked in with our software, and I couldn't believe it. Hope was nearing 250 classes. Now, we have several members who have been on our #squad250 mat, so what makes Hope one that shines? Well, Hope didn't find 3 sisters that long ago. Her first visit and her 250th visit were only 419 days apart. 


So you've visited 3 sisters over 250 times in a little over a year! That is incredible! 
Would you be willing to share how it has felt incorporating yoga and fitness into your daily routine? 

3 Sisters is unique in the way that the studio offers both yoga and fitness under one roof.  I can enjoy a morning of an energetic cardio and challenging muscle building fitness class and follow with a yoga class to unwind and find peace in my body and mind.  With each class, I  can look forward to learning new poses, new techniques, new perspectives and new people.  The friendly studio family definitely helps to keep me motivated, to show up and be present. No excuses!

What would you want to share with someone who was just starting?

3 Sisters is so welcoming to new clients!

The more you practice, the better you feel and the more you’ll want to practice.  Celebrate the strength of your own body. Never compare yourself to others or feel intimidated. 3 Sisters helps encourage, inspire, spread positivity, and ensure the success of participants of all yoga/fitness skill levels.  

What makes 3 sisters the place that felt like the right fit for you?

There are a lot of fitness and yoga studio choices in the area.  I chose 3 Sisters specifically for the range of class offerings and the wonderful instructors and friendly staff.  Each instructor has their own unique way to make working out and practicing yoga fun…joyful! They genuinely care and take the time to get to know each and every person.  

3 Sisters also has a wonderful community presence and I’ve enjoyed many classes held at local businesses (Glowga, Lunchtime Yoga on a lawn in Crocker Park, running with a group in Avon and planted sunflower seeds!)  The studio has a variety of workshop offerings and I’ve enjoyed learning about Chakras and making Malas and tried yoga poses on a paddleboard! My daughter loves Kids Yoga and the Kids Camps and my husband tried the Intro to Yoga class…we’re becoming a 3 Sisters family!

And! Walt!  He greets us all every morning with a smile and helps brighten each of our days!

How have you celebrated your tremendousness!?

My health and fitness journey has it’s ups and downs but I try to celebrate the positives of each day, one day at a time.

So far, I’ve had 250+ days of joy!

A quote and words of wisdom you live by? 


Eat Cake for Breakfast! 🥞

Always have kindness in your heart. ️ 

If you see Hope in the studio, give her a high five, or a hug, or a way to go! Thanks Hope for sharing and being a part of the tribe. the community. and the love. 

pictured: Hope and her daughter Alexa

pictured: Hope and her daughter Alexa