Window Shopping

I strolled through my neighborhood suburb this morning in an effort to enjoy the particularly warm weather and grab my favorite ritual of my mornings: coffee. I passed big houses and small ones, bright homes and dark brick, a whole spectrum of styles and many in the middle. 

And although the neighborhood is a beautiful one, most every home has just something that's not quite buttoned up. Whether it be a driveway with a large hole in it, a gutter that has seen better days, a winter's wear on the siding of the home, each one showed its life.

Just last week I visited my sister and brother in law, and I met some of their friends. Taking a stroll with Lauren I shared with her that when I meet people I so deeply want to know what makes them human. She suggested I don't start with that statement as an opener.  :)

But it's something that for me to connect, I really crave knowing. Because how often does someone put on their mask to open their door and step out into the world? And isn't there grace in what makes you so human. The humility in recognizing that just like those beautiful and unique homes, each of us has something that's just not quite buttoned up. It's kinda what makes us ... well so great. 

What makes me human? I am intense and sensitive. I love me some gummi bears on the reg. I am currently paying medicaid for dental insurance. I quit my job to pursue a dream. I have a big ole' crease between my brows from all the thinking i've done. What makes me human? I wonder if the outfit is right for the occasion. In times of doubt, I compare myself to others. I love really deeply. My love for life cracks me open early on in friendships. and in life. I have a killer sense of intuition and sometimes it leads to me not doing the research. I thrive on recognition. I drive too fast. I grind my teeth at night. What makes me human? I'm alive. 

And so this morning on my walk, I imagined all of the people inside these homes. Each of them so human. And I wonder what that means for them. I found a sense of peace in the unique expression of their four walls. And I was impressed with the houses reflection of being alive. And so, I ask you, friend. What is it about you that may bring a sense of vulnerability and simultaneously creates a really beautiful version of what life is?

What makes you human? 



super human moment. dancing is also my jam. and i prefer to dance alone. 

super human moment. dancing is also my jam. and i prefer to dance alone.