"You should be proud."

I sometimes forget where I started. Three years ago I had a few months left in a lease. Three years ago I was asking Lauren and Court if I could move into the basement of their home for a temporary time. Three years ago,  Lauren, Courtney, and I sat on the couch and began talking about the idea of running a business together.

We had independently fallen in love with yoga and enjoyed eachothers company enough to consider tackling running a business together. Each of us connected with various friends and other business owners to hear really what it was all about. So this pow-wow, what I think to be one of our first business meetings,consisted of us sharing our strengths and weaknesses. We promised to be honest and loving and we were. 

Shortly thereafter, we started looking at space. One of our mentors told us that really we needed a home base even if the traveling yoga sisters was going to be a thing (like a circus for the Plagens clan). And we did find a home. We walked into our now space, and it contained every gizmo and gadget you’d want. A bike? Check. Mon-ami? You got it. Lumber? The list went on. But beyond the “stuff” sat potential. And so the adventure started.

Three years ago, I was a full time Language Arts teacher. My heart was bursting at the seams for kids in my class who needed more than I could provide. Kids who had been impacted by sudden tragic moments and I wanted to be a bigger support.

Less that 1100 days ago, this was my life.

I think sometimes I forget that I have worked through a lot of muck to be here. It’s a pattern of mine (and of many) to only look ahead, eye on the prize. Bigger. Better. More. I am so human in that regard.

So the other day I received a message from a friend who took a yoga class at our now 2.5 year old toddler business, and it read, “ You should be proud.”


And it sang in my heart like a baptist chorus on Christmas eve. She was so right. I have my head down, alot. But looking back, I have tended to what my heart called me to do.

I am in a master’s program working towards helping those who need with just a year left. 
I am, with the beauty of my family and friends, running a business that gives people inspiration from within.
I am failing pretty much daily at time management and deep breaths, and I’m working through it anyway.
I am asking for help when it’s something that I can’t do. And then I’m not feeling bad about it.
I am learning. 


I am setting boundaries where I need space.

I looked at Courtney the other day and I said, “ I’m doing it. I’m like actually doing this whole life thing." She gave me one of her, "yea, you are!"s
Some days I’m really jazzed and lit up. Other days I’m struggling. And I think the we can remind ourselves more of where we’ve been, of how each decision has brought us to a clearer place. And ultimately, We should be proud of that.