Love is Disarming

When the Earth hurts, I can feel it. A dead animal on the side of the road once breathed the same air and molecules that I also have. In this way, we are all a very interwoven part of each other. So when things happen that seem incomprehensible, disturbing, tragic, and full of hate, I hurt on deep levels, and wonder how we can share the same breath of life, and yet be so vastly different all in one. 

I sit remotely in my room and try to think of reasons why someone does something that feels so full of hate. I also observe the reaction of such turbulence, confusion, and deep despair. So to find some understanding, I head to my books. One tells me, ” If you allow negativity to come up, face it head on with love, you will disarm it. The ego will lose power.” I think to myself, we must only react with love. Much easier to type, than to say, and much easier to say, than to do. We are angry ourselves. We are shocked. We are saddened. And we will FIGHT BACK we say—but instead, can we bring love to the battleground? Enough of the justice will be served with an underlying tone revenge… the revenge to hate is love. The revenge to madness is love. to jealousy? love. to all conflict? love.

And as my book finishes so eloquently, ” There is no political solution, religion, world diet, or business plan that is going to pacify conflicts in one fell swoop. The world’s problems are your problems. What can you do toward world peace? Find out who you really are. Be the change you want to see. ” Lets all be love. (quotes from Happy Yoga)